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Steps That You Should Follow Before Buying Diamonds And Jewelry. Precious stones cost a lot of money and time to purchase for example Diamond, and Jewelry. So it is important to buy them before they are mounted and you fit them yourself after everything has been verified because telling their quality when they are already set is close to impossible. There are various steps that you should follow leave alone being an expert to guide you in buying the right stone. You should buy from someone who has knowledge and accessibility to Diamond and Jewelry. You should be aware that there are fraud stars who will give the wrong information or may be a misinterpretation of the item you are buying. You will be making a significant loss when you actually realize that you are presenting a fake article from the one you thought you bought and this will destroy your market base. So you should weigh the risk you are taking and the reward you going to get. Once your right is found to be fake one getting the market again for the same item will be hell. Avoid the risk of being cheated by asking the questions directly and getting the answers in writing of which scammers will not give. Once you get the writings you should go ahead and verify the scripts with an expatriate to make sure that you are in the right direction.
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Expensive contracts and unreal claims is a significant thing that you should not forget . You should put into consideration both the hiked prices and inadequate prices. Unreal prices will tell you two things-it is either the seller does not know the actual price of the stone, or he is selling for you a fake one. This is a clear way of identifying a scammer, they are quickly letting things go without proper precaution. Make sure you check their documents and recommendations yourself to avoid being cheated with sub-standard gem.
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Enhancement of the quality of the color of the stone and measuring their weights one by one is a sole responsibility that should be done by you. Sellers who wants to measure the weights once instead of one at ago are scammers. Weight of each stone should be indicated as not forgetting the total weight of the rocks. Ask for the stone with alcohol or water to prove the color quality in case you doubt it. Genuine seller will always be loyal to your request, unlike a fraud who will always find a way of ruling out your requests.

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