The Best Deal On A Standing Mat And Why One Is Necessary

Posted on January 27, 2017 By

If the daily routine necessitates standing for long periods of the day, it follows that standing in comfort is a far better choice than standing all day on a hard floor. Now, as with any purchase, it only makes sense to seek the best deal on a standing mat that can be had. But the question that immediately follows is “why is a standing mat necessary and why stand when it’s easier to work while seated comfortably?”

Doing most things in the kitchen requires a lot of standing for hours at a stretch. Anyone with their own home shop where they craft various items, repair garden tools and small engines, or do extensive woodworking, also cannot really perform these jobs while sitting. And many occupations require standing for prolonged periods of time to work effectively. But as it turns out, more and more office workers are opting for standing desks to perform their jobs rather than working while seated. The reasons for this are all health related.

Long experience plus medical research has shown that sitting for very long periods of time is generally bad for one’s overall health. Calorie-burning slows down radically because the muscles are not being worked adequately. Not only do fat and blood sugar levels go upward, muscles begin to atrophy from sitting more than six hours a day. The consequences of such a sedentary working habit over the long term includes weight gain, high cholesterol buildup, loss in bone mass, and extreme muscular atrophy. The risks of developing Type-2 diabetes, heart disease, prostate or breast cancer spike upward as well, and one can end up cutting away seven years from the back ends of their lives.

As a result, shifting to a less sedentary habit is recommended. However, standing around all day on a hard floor is very fatiguing. Also, the feet as well as knee joints and ligaments suffer from having to bear the weight of the body while motionless for hours at a stretch. Anti-fatigue mats counteract these effects by their flexibility. They are designed to be firm enough to support one’s body weight yet also to provide a cushioning effect similar to standing barefoot on the grass for maximum comfort. And for anyone who works at a standing desk, at a checkout counter, behind a bar, or at a standing machine, anti-fatigue mats makes endurance on one’s feet as easy as anything one can imagine.

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